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A dust cyclone can help you:

  • Save time cleaning filters

  • If using recyclable powders you'll be able to capture these before they are lost

  • Zero ongoing maintenance costs

  • Helps protect the extractor unit from particularly abrasive dusts and larger particles that might cause damage. 

The DUST COMMANDER XL+, a cyclone-type filter made of cold-rolled steel, is a complement to your 1-3HP HVLP dust extractor that will enable you to eliminate the defects of conventional filters. It allows the separation of dust particles, thereby limiting the clogging of your vacuum cleaner filters and increasing their service life.

The cyclone separator collects the extracted particles in a sealed chamber that you attach to the base of the cyclone separator.

This model is only suitable for HVLP chip collectors and 100mm or larger systems. 

  • Large cyclonic filter for 1 to 3 HP dust collectors
  • 125 mm inputs/outputs
  • Made from cold rolled carbon steel - mat/satin paint finish - black colour
  • Supplied with fixing screws and cutting guide
  • AIRFLOW: Maximum 4000m³/h

Most cyclones are not able to withstand this much airflow, making the Dust Commander XL+ the best value on the market in its category. 

Package contents :


The DUST COMMANDER XL+ Mounting Kit includes :

6 x x ISO 7380F M5x12 stainless steel A2 hex button head socket screw with flange
6 x DIN 9021 M5 (5.3) stainless steel A2 washers
6 x DIN 934 M5 stainless steel A2 nuts
1 x silicone gasket
1 x self adhesive cutting template

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