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A low cost alternative to a dust cyclone. 

A dust cyclone can help you:

  • If venting outside you'll vent considerably less outside

  • If using recyclable powders you'll be able to capture these before they are lost. They will be collected in the bucket.

  • Zero ongoing maintenance costs

  • Helps protect the extractor unit from particularly abrasive dusts and larger particles that might cause damage. 

This kit is not suitable for use with vacuums or LVHP dust extraction systems (i.e. not suitable for use with vacuums). It is only suitable for dust extraction systems designed for use with 100mm or 4" fittings. This dust cyclone is relatively low efficiency and won't collect as much particulate matter and will cause a much greater pressure drop than specialist designed systems, but it provides an excellent solution on a tighter budget.

Bucket size - 25 litres. Plastic with metal handles. This set up will fit underneath most workbenches.

Kit comes unassembled, but is very easy to put together. Simply use the template provided with the cyclone kit to cut holes in the plastic bucket lid and assemble. 

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