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The Draper 2200W is suitable for a large sized workshop with up to 12m of ducting, a cyclone and multiple workstations. With a 3780m3/hr extraction rate, the majority of workshops are well served by this extractor. We use this in our own large workshop, so that a number of workstations can be operating at once. 

Featuring a powerful 2200W motor capable of extracting small and larger particles or fragments, this Draper Dust Extractor can be rigged up to vent dust outdoors for fossil preparation. 

The Duty Cycle of the unit is S1 which is continuous use (many dust extractors are not rated for continuous use and can only be used for 2-3 hours at a time). This type of motor runs with a constant load for a long enough duration that it reaches thermal equilibrium. Note: poor maintenance will effect this situation.

Airflow: 3780m3/hr (2300 CFM)

Motor: 2200W, 16A supply required

Intake Diameter: 100mm x3 (comes with caps if you don't want to use them all)

Outlet Diameter: 125mm x1

Fitted with 2.0M (approx.) of cable. (no plug). A 16A supply is required.

PLEASE NOTE: The set-up supplied in the box is wholly unsuitable for fossil preparation. The bags are not designed for fine dusts, and especially not respirable silica. It could be very dangerous to your health if you use the dust extractor in it's out-of-the-box configuration with the cloth bags for fossil preparation. We recommend utilising the impeller motor in this design, but responsibly disposing of the unnecessary components. If you purchase from us, we can provide you with some instruction as to how to mount your unit and adapt it for us in fossil preparation.

We would recommend mounting the unit on a shelf or a workbench, in the same orientation that it is supplied in. This shelf can be mounted high up on a wall, but make sure you can either reach the on/off button or hire an electrician to reconfigure this with a wall switch. We have ours in a separate shed, with the ducting coming through the wall to reduce the noise in our prep lab. 

Uniquely, we at ZOIC PalaeoTech, stock the adaptors and fittings you need to modify this extractor to become functional for fossil preparation and to vent the dust outdoors. When the unit is purchased from us, you will be able to select the option to purchase the additional fittings required. You will need to purchase 125mm ducting for the outlet.


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