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This benchtop captor hood will increase the effectiveness of your dust extraction when compared to just an open 100mm diameter length of ducting. 

Captor hoods help channel or funnel the flow air to maximise the amount of contaminants/dust collected by your dust extraction. Captor hoods are only effective when very close to the working area. 

We recommend attaching the captor hood to 100mm flexible ducting to allow for maximum manoeuvrability and therefore maximum effectiveness. A hose clamp should be used. Move the captor hood as close as you can to whatever you are working on. It is lightweight and plastic, so if you need to place it on top of a fossil it shouldn't cause any damage. 

This benchtop version does occupy space on your worktop, but provides an affordable option for a captor hood.  

Opening size 250 x 100mm. We prefer the larger model (also available in our shop), but this will be suitable if you have very little space on your workbench. 

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