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  • Insta-off feature immediately starts and stops media flow
    • (non I/O models utilize a pressure bleed off through the nozzle after pedal release)
  • Powder-coated steel cabinet with comfortable hand cuffs
  • Built-in pressure delivery system including a 0-100psi adjustable filter regulator and foot pedal control
  • On/off and tank selector controls located inside the cabinet
  • Air blast nozzle inside cabinet for clean-up operations
  • Large, well lit work area
  • Handles all types of blasting media from 60 to 360 grit (25-250 micron)
  • Labor saving Easy Fill tanks hold up to 4 pounds of media
  • Tungsten carbide precision tips and Sapphire crystal tips
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Comes standard with 25 micron, 50-100 micron, and 110-250 micron tanks (you can have iron powder, dolomite and aluminium oxide all running in the same unit!)
  • Inbuilt LED light
  • Foot pedal control

This model has an inbuilt cabinet. The internal maximum dimensions of the cabinet are 51.6cm (20.34") wide x 30cm (11.51") deep x 24cm (9.47") high to the base of the light.

External dimensions are 55cm (22") x 45cm (18") x 38cm (15"). 

This will suit the fossil preparator who wants:

  • A ready built cabinet
  • Access to multiple powder types or sizes
  • Ready to plug in and play

The cabinet may not suit all fossil sizes, and is quite small compared to many homemade blast cabinets. Please check the dimensions are suitable for the material you are most frequently working on. If you would like to use or make your own blast cabinet, you can purchase the Mobile Problast (same thing, but separate from the cabinet) separately. 

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