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The Paasche AEC Air Eraser is an entry-level air abrasive that is widely used in fossil preparation. The powder is held in the little cup on top and blasted through a tungsten carbide nozzle when you depress the button on top. This powder flow stops when the button is released.

We have put together a kit so that it is ready to plug straight into your air compressor and get going!

In this kit:

  • Paasche Air Eraser
  • Adaptors
  • 2m Festo Air Hose
  • Quick connector (PCL/Euro as per user requirements)
  • FREE 100g sample of Aluminium Oxide powder
  • FREE 100g sample of Dolomite powder
  • Optional Sparmax Silver Bullet Plus with Bleed Valve Moisture Trap.

For general work, use clean dry air at pressures of 2-3 Bars (30-45 PSI), going up to a maximum of 4.5 Bars (65 PSI). Simply fill the cup up with powder (works best at 1/2-3/4 full with aluminium oxide and 3/4 for dolomite). You may find that drying out your powders in the oven before using leads to better flow. Aluminium oxide runs best in this kit and is the powder we would recommend with the Paasche 99% of the time for ease of use, but we understand that some may wish to use dolomite from time to time as a more specialist powder. 

Dolomite often requires a bit more 'pumping' of the button to get it flowing, and may require drying out in the oven and the installation of more heavy duty air dryers (like a Dropout and Carbon Filter Kit). To learn more about the different powders in air abrasives, read this article. If you are looking at using dolomite full-time, you may wish to look at the Vaniman range. 

We can supply the kit with a Sparmax Silver Bullet Plus moisture trap that, when fitted, sits in the hand connected to the air eraser drying the air as it goes into the handpiece. You can adjust the airflow to the handpiece a little by using the bleed valve on the moisture trap. This is suitable if you are on a tight budget, but we would recommend a Dropout Filter which will not only dry the air exceptionally well, but also protect other air tools you are using on the same airline.

If you are not already experienced in air abrasives, you will find that a lot of dust is generated. We recommend suitable dust extraction and working in a blast cabinet (this can be as makeshift as you like as long as it contains the mess!). This dust can be a health hazard and so please wear an FFP3 dust mask or a respirator as well as goggles whilst working.

Air consumption 0.5 CFM - will run comfortably off most 24l compressors.

Do not use with powders that exceed 70 microns in diameter.

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