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Book by A. E. Rixon, 1976, 304pp with figures. 

2 second hand paperback copies available. 1 ex. libris and 1 second hand private copy. Both fair condition. Out of print and uncommon. 

This is our favourite book on fossil preparation that's out there. It's a little outdated in terms of tools, but it is extremely well written and well put together. You'll definitely learn from it!

Publisher: Athlone Press

Publication Date: 1976

ISBN 10: 0485120283  ISBN 13: 9780485120288

Mr Rixon describes the techniques, both traditional and more recent, used to prepare and conserve fossils from the time of their excavation to their inclusion as exhibits or as research specimens in a palaeontological collection. His comprehensive guide includes chapters on the removal or matrix from vertebrate and invertebrate fossils by mechanical and chemical methods, the arrest of decay of iron pyrites in fossils, the mounting of specimens for exhibition, casting, laboratory equipment and the properties of chemicals used in palaeontological techniques. Practical advice on halth and fire hazards is given throughout the work and an appendix sets out instructions for making the required tools and apparatus. Students of conservation, museum and university laboratory trainees and non-specialist curators will find much practical help in this manual, which will also be of interest to archaeologists, sixth-form and undergraduate students of geology and palaeontology and to those concerned with establishing new museums in emergent countries. 

Mr Rixon was formerly Senior Experimental Officer in the Palaeontology Laboratory of the British Museum (Natural History).


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