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by Steve Snowball and Craig Chapman

Siri Scientific Press (2017) 978-0-9929979-9-1 RRP £18.00
288 pp, 210 x 148 mm, soft cover, 500+ colour photographs & illustrations

This is a guide on how and where to collect fossils in England and Wales. It provides invaluable advice for the amateur collector; whether a beginner or a seasoned hand. Each of the many localities described (more than 50) contains up-to-date information regarding the geology, the stratigraphy, the exposures available (including details about safety and access), the best places to look for fossils at the location and what to look for once you are there. It also examines how fossils can be prepared and preserved, labelled and displayed, in addition to a brief history of British fossil collecting.

About the authors
Steve Snowball and Craig Chapman are the driving forces behind UKAFH (UK Amateur Fossil Hunters), the U.K.’s largest fossil hunting organisation. Their experiences have translated into UKAFH’s highly successful program of fossil hunting events, many of which are featured in this book.

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