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1 set of 6 stylus o-rings for the ZPT-CP ZOIC Chicago. Please contact us for internal o-rings (these wear extremely slowly and are unlikely to need changing for many, many years). Please read below to find out which option to select (1.0 or 2.0).

As of January 2021 we have upgraded the ZOIC Chicago to incorporate a locking chisel mechanism, which means that the newer models can be fitted with a chisel that will never spin or rotate when in use. This means we have changed some of the dimensions.

If you have purchased a ZOIC Chicago before these latest modifications, do not worry! We understand that these are big changes and we will retrofit your ZOIC Chicago free-of-charge to accept the new stylus options. When you buy from us, we want you to know that you will always have the best service we can give you, and this is no exception. Please contact us if you would like your ZOIC Chicago purchased before January 2021 to be retrofitted and you have not received an email with further information or would like us to resend the information.

I purchased my ZOIC Chicago after January 2021

Choose the 2.0 option.

I purchased my ZOIC Chicago before January 2021 but I have had it upgraded by ZOIC PalaeoTech

Choose the 2.0 option.

I purchased my ZOIC Chicago before January 2021 and I have not had it upgraded by ZOIC PalaeoTech

Choose the 1.0 option if you have a ZOIC Chicago that was purchased before January 2021 that has not been upgraded to fit the 2.0 version of stylus.

You do not have to upgrade your tool. We are not phasing out the 1.0 styli or spares and will continue to always have a supply of them on hand and ready for immediate dispatch. We understand how important spares are, and it is important that as manufacturers of unique products that we will be here to provide parts for you in the decades to come.

If you’re not sure, contact us and we will get you sorted!

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