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Milliput® is a two-part epoxy putty that adheres exceptionally well to rocks and fossils. It is used widely for restoration and repair of fossils, as it doesn't shrink, bubble crack or change shape over time. When it is set, it can then be sandpapered, painted and varnish. It can be used as a gap or crack filler, or sculpted into whatever shape is required. Colour can be achieved by blending different types of Milliput together, or by painting with quality acrylics.

Modelling using clay modelling tools whilst the putty is still clay-like is recommended, and adding a drop of water to the surface and rubbing it in will remove fingerprints and smooth the surface. If the surface has already set and needs further adjusting, this can be done with a gentle air pen (e.g. the ZOIC MR Microraptor or VR Velociraptor).

Milliput is used by blending equal amounts of each stick (two in a pack), by rolling and kneading until the colour is uniform and free from streaks. It can then be manipulated like modelling clay. Milliput goes rock hard in two to three hours at normal room temperature (faster with heat, and can be kept as putty for 72 hours in the freezer).

You can blend different Milliput colours together to aid with colour matching, but it is not recommended to mix with matrix as it will change the properties of the resin. Powder pigment can be mixed in, in small quantities, so that the mixture does not become too dry and crumbly. Strong powder pigment rather than powder paint is better as smaller amounts can be used. When performing fossil restoration, the texture achieved is vital and colour is better matched afterwards with acrylic paints. 

Like epoxy glue, there are two sticks in a pack - one resin and one hardener. Kept separately, these two parts will last a long time unused. Whilst Milliput is permanent and highly adhesive, it is possible to remove. We recommend putting film of Paraloid B-72 on the surfaces that will adhere to the Milliput, which can then be loosened again with acetone.

Can also be used for mould making and can be cast.

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