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Primal® (Rhoplex) WS 24 is a conservation grade alternative to PVA which is less susceptible to cracking, yellowing and becoming brittle over time. Primal (Rhoplex) WS 24 is used particularly for preservation of mammoth tusks/teeth and ice age vertebrate remains that require consolidation. It is also used as a consolidant in the excavation and recovery of fossils in damp, wet or waterlogged environments.

It is a consolidant with a very small particle size (0.03 Microns) which can penetrate deeply into fine grained materials. Used for consolidation of bones (fossil and modern - a particular favourite with archaeological finds and Ice Age bones),plaster, wall paintings and rocks/fossils/archaeological material in damp, wet or waterlogged environments. Suitable for consolidation of masonry.

Can be used as an alternative to Paraloid B-72 (see our other listings) in wet conditions on most materials (not recommended for metals).

An acrylic colloidal dispersion in water with a solids content of 36%. pH 7. Keep from freezing (this item will not be shipped in freezing conditions).

Dilute with water to achieve desired concentration. Dilutions of 10-20 parts water to the 36% solution are usually suitable for most applications. Test on a small area first. If the solution is not dilute enough, it will appear milky on the surface.

When wet it can be removed with water. When dry, remove with pure acetone.

250ml bottle with safety cap.

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