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Oxygen absorbers in vacuum packaging (10 per pack). Suitable for fossil storage in enclosed boxes. Oxygen absorbers remove the oxygen from the atmosphere, important for creating a suitable microclimate for pyritic fossil storage. They are not suited to using in entire rooms, and would need replacing frequently if used in draughty cabinets. Ideally, if you have fossils that require storage in a controlled climate, you will have tightly sealed containers. The oxygen absorbers will still need replacing from time to time, but less frequently if there is less influx of oxygen. 

OxyFree oxygen absorbers are excellent quality, with the sachet being made of a Tyvek type plastic. This is suitable for storage up against or very close to fossils (i.e. non-acidic). 

Once opened, seal the remaining oxygen absorbers in a sealed container, or use a heat seal/vacuum. 

300cc (for smaller boxes and bags) - 4x5cm

2000cc  (for larger boxes and small cabinets) - 11.1 x 7.3cm

Oxygen indicators change colour from pink when O2 levels are below 0.01%, to blue/purple when O2 levels are above 0.05%. This way, you know your Oxygen absorbers are as fresh as can be ready for fossil storage. 

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