We are at the BAKEWELL ROCK EXCHANGE on the 8th and 9th of October. Come try out our tools! Bring your own fossils to prep or try out on some of ours.


18" diameter sandbag for fossil preparation. Super strong, thick leather perfect for the trials and tribulations of fossil prep; completed with four rows of durable stitching. Washer and screw fittings on filling hole for security (won't burst open in use). 

Unfilled to save on postage costs (especially for our international customers). Fill with sand, fine rock chips, rice.. your choice! 

We recommend a sandbag in fossil preparation for a number of reasons. Firstly, they help absorb some of the vibrations of either electric or air tools, meaning that less vibration is transmitted to your hand and wrist. Secondly, they provide a secure, stable and grippy base for the fossil that can be manipulated as required. 

Available in four sizes. Colours may vary from brown to grey to black. If you have a particularly strong preference please contact us. 



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