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The famous Crystal Mark Super Hose Air Abrasion tubing is durable and flexible and holds cult status amongst fossil preparators. Suitable for most air abrasive units used in fossil preparation (1/4" OD, 1/8" ID tubing), it withstands even the most aggressive air abrasive powders, as well as the action of pinch valves (where present) far longer than standard hosing. Clear tubing for easy clog-spotting!

Made in the USA. 

Crystal Mark Part Number: 550-037-1

ID: 1/8", OD: 1/4" (these dimensions are standard in most USA-made microblasters and air abrasive units; including Vaniman and many others). Manufactured by Crystal Mark Inc. who make the Swamblasters, widely used in fossil preparation. 

Lengths as selected will be supplied uncut. We are happy to cut the tubing into whichever lengths you require if you have specific requirements - just leave a note when you place your order. 

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