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 Ideal for breaking apart, cracking or splitting rock. Good for driving in chisels or wedges, or any task where accuracy is not the key. This is quite a lightweight crack hammer, easy to carry in the rucksack without adding too much weight. 


Polished face solid forged head from fine grain high carbon steel, that has been hardened and tempered with a lacquer coating for rust protection. Solid fibreglass core shaft fitted with shock absorbing PP/TPR grip. 

Always wear suitable safety glasses or goggles when hammering. Never strike two hammers together. Be conscious of who is around you when hammering nodules or other rocks, and make sure that they are standing a safe distance away. Chips typically fly both forwards and backwards, and so these are the worst places for fellow fossilers to stand and watch what you are doing! We recommend that you wear gloves when hammering rocks, as sharp fragments can easily break off. 

It is important to choose the right hammers for fossil hunting. It can actually be quite dangerous to just take a normal, DIY carpentry hammer out collecting with you. This is because the steel is, much of the time, actually softer than the rocks you are hitting, meaning that it can splinter off in small shards. Make sure that the hammer you are using is suited to fossil hunting, either by purchasing a specific geological hammer, or a hammer designed for use on stone. 

18+ only. 


Draper Expert Range

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