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Clear gloss varnish perfect for fossils. There's nothing like a thin coat of varnish to bring out the best in your fossils, particularly calcitic ammonites. Apply carefully, and firmly dab off most of the varnish with a lint-free cloth or kitchen towel to bring back the natural shine of the calcite after prep. You can build up layers to get the desired level of gloss finish. We like to remove most of the varnish after application, leaving a 'waxier' look.

  • Long-lasting clear finish

  • Disguises broken calcite (including dink marks!)

  • Build up gloss to desired finish

When you prep with an air scribe, whenever it hits calcite it will turn the calcite white. In a calcite ammonite, this means you'll be left with a white spiral where you've had to break through the shell of the ammonite in order to prep it - see the picture on the left. You might also have a few white dink marks! Varnish can be used to restore the calcite to the colour it was before prep, and bring back some of the natural shine of the crystal that may have been lost during preparation.