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The perfect arm holes for your DIY blast cabinet. Designed to fit 12mm thick wood. Design optimised for maximum visiblity, maneuverability and comfort.

  • Elongate shape gives you a huge amount of flexibility when moving around inside your cabinet
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable working
  • Designed for maximum view and comfort when seated at your blast cabinet. The front panel where you place the arm holes should not be too high, otherwise you will find that it is difficult to achieve a comfortable seated working position for a period of time. We suggest 160-200mm height of front panel (180mm is about right for us).
  • Elasticated sleeves help contain blasting media within the cabinet, whilst allowing you the flexibility to choose your own gloves for the application (e.g. for dexterity or skin protection, or go glove-free if it is safe!).
  • Light polyester sleeves and large opening area also provide enough inward air flow to counter the majority of dust extractors, so as to avoid a negative pressure chamber effect.

The traditional extra large round arm holes are great for manoeuvring inside your cabinet, but are designed for use in sandblasting cabinets for car parts and other applications that are typically only performed when standing. This design is optimised for use whilst seated, without compromising on flexibility.

In fossil preparation, we use blast cabinets in a different way to most industries, which is why we often choose to DIY them. We often spend many hours seated whilst working, and do not want to be peering over a very tall front panel for any extended period. We also want maximum visibility to work accurately, as well as the flexibility to prep the tiniest fossil up to the largest that will fit in the cabinet! For this, you need more maneuverability than is typically afforded to you by traditional round arm holes.

You will get:

  • 2x plastic arm holes
  • 2x polyester sleeves
  • 2x elastic cords
  • 16x flat-headed screws

Designed to be used with 12mm thick wood.

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