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Suitable protective gloves for the handling of many chemicals encountered within acid preparation, including acetic and formic acids. With the acids in dilute form (less than 20%) this gloves will last well. 
They are also suited to the handling of potassium hydroxide (KOH), but we would highly recommend not handling the flakes with gloves, but instead with metal tweezers. The gloves in this application should only be worn to provide an extra protective layer for your skin and not for direct handling.
Not well suited to prolonged use with acetone or acetone-based products.

  • Performance: A heavyweight glove that will stand up to repeated knocks, rubbing and scuffing
  • Chlorinated: Treated to harden the surface of the glove leaving it smooth to the touch
  • Comfort: Anatomical shape ensures comfort and reduces hand fatigue
  • Good Grip: Slip resistant pattern on the palm enhances grip
  • Cuff: Beaded cuff to prevent liquid roll back
  • Cotton Flock: Soft cotton flock lining absorbs perspiration, keeping hands cool
  • Hygiene: Contains fungicidal and bacteriostatic agent
Sizing: Sizes 7-7.5 (M), 8-8.5 (L), 9-9.5 (XL). Measure across the top of your palm and the measurement in centimetres should correspond to one of these sizes. If you are in-between measurements, going down a size will give you a bit more ability to feel for finer work, and a larger size may be more comfortable. 

Please Note: The information contained here is advisory and is intended to guide and inform only. This information is based on the view of BM Polyco Ltd in light of all available data and is not subject to any guarantee on our part regarding the performance of a particular glove style. As it is impossible to test every situation encountered and all chemical and mixtures of chemicals, the user is advised to test the particular glove style before and periodically during use.

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