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Air Pen Servicing, Overhauls and Repairs

What our customer say about this product

At ZOIC PalaeoTech we are experts in fossil preparation air scribes or air pens. Whilst we spend most of our time designing and manufacturing our own range we also perform servicing, repairs, modifications and customisations on many brands. Regular servicing will extend the lifespan of your air scribe, and detect any problems before they occur. Air scribes are an investment, and so its worth keeping them running at their best. 

We frequently repair a variety of different brands of air pen to get them working as if they were new. For what we cannot fix, we do not charge (only the cost of postage where applicable). We offer a free-of-charge troubleshooting service via email. Just describe the symptoms your tool has been having so we can best direct you. We might ask for photographs/videos or audio clips to help diagnose the problem. Based on what we think the problem may be, we may ask you to send your tool to us, but where possible we'll do our best to give you a cost estimate before you do this.

We are also able to make a custom stylus for your tool (any brand) based on your requirements. Do you fantasise over a longer chisel, or a different shape? Our in house workshop allows us to make one-offs right here in the UK. We only use the highest grade tungsten carbide for our styli.

We also provide a modification service. We are happy to apply our ZOIC techniques to your air pen. For example, have you picked up a bargain CP-9361? We're happy to apply our modifications to it (e.g. hardened and tempered stylus bushing, fossil preparation stylus, rubber coating). We are able to replace many aspects of many tools, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We are also able to add a silencing mechanism to a wide variety of tools - which will vastly reduce the noise output.

We are not able to repair any 'knock-off' air pens - you know the ones. Please check the authenticity of your tool before purchasing.