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Why do we love this respirator for fossil prepping? 

  • Built in eye protection with optional prescription lens insert
  • The respirator and goggles are completely separate. This allows filtering of the air inhaled, as well as preventing the goggles from fogging up. 
  • Super lightweight
  • Washable filters + replaceable filters (more environmentally friendly than disposable masks, and much cheaper!) 
  • Very compact size allows for maximum peripheral vision
  • Easy to wear with glasses or safety glasses
  • Provides minimum 99.95% protection against 0.3 micron dust
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Designed to stay put even if you get a bit sweaty
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch

Elipse come in two sizes: S/M and M/L. The majority of adults fit the M/L. Some smaller, more petite faces as well as older children will fit the S/M. 

This integrated eye protection and respiratory protection model is suitable for working with chemicals as well as dusts, particularly for activities like grinding when wearing goggles and a respirator separately isn't so easy!

We love that you can get a prescription lens support insert, so that you can have your prescription lenses inside your goggles! Simply take the insert to your optician and have prescription lenses made to size. 

Compact, lightweight and flexible design which adapts and fits perfectly to the face and offers a unique and innovative combined protection, reducing risks of non-compatibility, non-conformity and mist build-up. 

Large central non-return valve means lower breathing resistance for the user and keeps moisture build-up inside the mask to a minimum. Lightweight, non-slip strap that is easily adjusted in 4 positions for improved comfort and to allow safe use even in high humidity or wet conditions.


Mask + Filter: net (S/M) 205 g; (M/L) 213 g gross (S/M) 317 g; (M/L) 347 g Filter: net 19 g each; both net 38 g, gross 61 g


• Mask: Medical grade TPE Conforms to ISO 10993-10: 2010 for irritations. Mask body latex and silicone free, odour free. Valve Body in Nylon, Inhalation/Exhalation diaphragm in Silicone. 4 point adjustable elasticated head and neck strap with comfort pad in TPE.

• Filters: Mechanical type multi-layer HESPA Synthetic media with TPE flexible overmolded / encapsulated.

• Goggle: Polycarbonate with flow coating overmolded into soft TPE, permanently attached to the mask body by stainless steel clips.


Filters P3 >99,95% for 0,3 μ particulate


EN140: 1998 Mask Body EN143: 2000+A1: 2006 P3 RD EN166 Class 1.B.K.N. (Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch) CE 2797

Get your spare filters here. 

Get your prescription lens inserts separately here




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