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The Dremel® 290 is a popular choice in fossil preparation. Amazing work can be done with an electric engraver, for a fraction of the price of air tools.

The Dremel® 290 has a reciprocating or percussive action (the nib moves backwards and forwards) which is much better suited to fossil preparation than the rotary Dremels.

  • Variable stroke length (1-5)
  • Soft grip for comfort
  • Replaceable carbide for use on a wide variety of materials
  • Separate on/off switch to keep depth setting
  • 6,000 SPM (strokes per minute) Motor

Working with an electric engraver on fossils is slower and less comfortable than with an air pen, but is a much more affordable start to the hobby.

For the greatest success in fossil prep, try to use a sandbag or shock absorbing surface, and use tips specially designed for fossil preparation (available for purchase with the Dremel 290 here or separately here). We use the same top quality, high grade tungsten carbide in our Dremel nibs as we do in our air tools. Tungsten carbide is the material of choice as it is very resistant to abrasion (rocks are an abrasive surface), meaning your nib will stay sharp for a very long time.

In the box: Comes with a 3mm carbide tipped nib and a lettering stencil (for use as an engraver). Please note, this is the base model and does not come with any additional tips designed for fossil preparation.

Available to purchase as part of a kit with the Dremel 290 here -

Short fossil preparation stylus available -

Longer fossil preparation stylus available -


Please note that this Dremel 290 is 230V with a UK plug. They are available from multiple retailers internationally and the fossil preparation styli can be purchased separately.







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