We are at the BAKEWELL ROCK EXCHANGE on the 8th and 9th of October. Come try out our tools! Bring your own fossils to prep or try out on some of ours.


Top left, carboniferous coral.  Top right a ammonite from the green ammonite beds.  The thin section allows calcite to shine through part of the green calcite.  Middle row, three cream calcite Ilminster ammonites and a dark coloured Dactylioceras from the Yorkshire coast. Bottom row a sectioned Xipheroceras ammonite from Lyme Regis.  These ammonites are rarely seen sectioned.  Beside it are a section of a carboniferous rugose coral and two chambers of an Eoderoceras ammonite from Charmouth. 

Scale bar in photos. 

These fossils have been wetted to show their features. When they arrive with you, they will be fairly dull and dusty looking (polishing gives them that permanent 'wet-look'). 

Click here to learn more about polishing fossils

Fossil Polishing Kit available here (including wet-and-dry paper in various grits, felt wheels and tin oxide polishing powder - designed for home use with very basic kit).

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