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Junction bed nautilus (Cenoceras jourdani) (top left).  Junction bed ammonite (middle row left).  Two Promicroceras ammonites beside a fragment of wood, on the edge of the rock are jumbled fragments of other Promicroceras ammonites (middle row left).  This specimen was collected at Lyme Regis and is lower Jurassic in age.  At the bottom is a sectioned Parkinsonia ammonite from the inferior oolite at Burton Bradstock.  This has nice calcite-filled hollow chambers. 

Scale bar in photos. 

These fossils have been wetted to show their features. When they arrive with you, they will be fairly dull and dusty looking (polishing gives them that permanent 'wet-look'). 

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Fossil Polishing Kit available here (including wet-and-dry paper in various grits, felt wheels and tin oxide polishing powder - designed for home use with very basic kit).

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