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An extra thick Paraloid B-72 adhesive solution (80% wt/vol) in lab-grade acetone with fumed silica for improved rheology. Provided in one of our precision application bottles for easy and comfortable dispensing (you can reuse the bottle afterwards when you're finished!).

No additives, no nitrocellulose.

Paraloid can be a very powerful adhesive with a high tensile strength. When fully dried, it is comparable in strength to some cyanoacrylates. However, it also has a degree of elasticity and flexibility.

To glue two parts together, apply a thin layer to both surfaces to be bonded and then repeatedly pull apart and rejoin them until the adhesive grabs very well. This is called 'developing tack'. This is best done on very sturdy fossils with a good solid surface. On more porous rocks simply applying the thick adhesive and clamping together is effective.

A thick, acetone-based adhesive is usually desirable as it dries more quickly than lower concentration or other solvent-based alternatives.

Can also be used in conjunction with microballoons to create a strong, lightweight filler.

Provided with a twist lock syringe for cleaning out the nozzle between uses.

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