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Large Asteroceras obtusum. A real quality piece. The ammonite is a lovely colour and uncrushed. It is centrally situated in the rock allowing a variety of preparation options. It could be prepared from either (or both!) sides. 

Size is hard to tell. There is no dark body chamber showing so we estimate around 100mm but if a body chamber isn't present it will be smaller (it is priced inbetween upper and lower size estimates). Rock is 210 x 180mm. Rock has popped away to reveal the coil of ammonite but we do have the counterpart piece which will be provided with the main fossil in case it is needed. 

Advanced. Probably not that difficult of a prep job, but a reasonable amount of matrix overburden to contend with. You'll want a good level of experience to do this one justice as it should be stunning when finished. 

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