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Double Asteroceras obtusum with a small Promicroceras and beetle elytra (wingcase).  A lovely group of fossils that displays well. The larger Asteroceras at the top of the nodule has a slight deformity (pathology) to the keel which is an interesting feature. The shell has popped on the outer coil to reveal the calcite crystal fill. The calcite is a more unusual caramel and dark shade of brown.

The beetle elytra is small and will not be identifiable to species, but an interesting and less commonly seen fossil. On the large Asteroceras the inner coils of the shell appear to be more tightly bonded to the shell.  It might be better prepared leaving the shell on the inner whorls. Part prepped to reveal contents of nodule. Stands well on base (natural not cut). 

  • Large Asti 70mm
  • Small Asti 40mm
  • Prom 15mm (damaged)
  • Beetle elytra (wingcase) 7mm (far right side of block)
  • Block 210 x 200mm

Advanced. Will take skill, good tooling and experience.

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