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  • W750 Watt (1Hp) 230V motor
  • Flow rate: 850m3/h (450CFM) with 100mm ducting
  • 100mm (4") hose attachment port
  • Dimensions (LWH) 470x380x460mm
  • Weight: 22kg
  • Noise: 50-60dB(A) - reasonably quiet induction motor
  • Fuse Rating: 13 Amp

The Clarke Mini Dust Extractor is an affordable dust extractor suitable for a small workshop with a limited amount of ducting (up to 3m or 2m with a cyclone) and perhaps one or maximum two workstation outlets fitted with blast gates. 

The induction motor runs reasonably quietly. 

For use in the fossil preparation workshop, it is necessary to make a number of minor modifications to the way the Clarke dust extractor is rigged up. Please see our additional diagrams for reference.

1. Take the bag off - the bag is rated for 5 microns. The most dangerous dust to inhale is smaller than 5 microns, and so you would actively put yourself in danger by using it. 

2. This extractor comes with hooks to so that it can be wall mounted. There are two hooks provided, which can be fitted to the wall. The extractor can have its castors removed and be mounted to these hooks. Ensure that the fixings and your wall are strong enough to handle not only the weight of the extractor, but its vibration during operation. We would recommend changing the orientation of the extractor to 'outlet facing up' rather than outlet facing down if you are venting outdoors, this will allow the vent to be higher off the ground.

3. Use a length of 100mm rigid or flexible ducting to vent outside. You'll be able to mount this where the bag was. Hook up the 100mm ducting in your workshop into the inlet. 

4. You might be able to get a qualified electrician in to rewire it with a wall mounted on/off switch closer to where you work. 

Please be aware that using the Clarke extractor for stone dust or abrasive (whether purchased through us or another dealer), invalidates the warranty. Therefore it is essential that you plug it in and test it first to check that all is in good order before proceeding to rig it up. 

Download: Instruction Manual

Please note that this product has a UK plug and runs at 230V. However, if you are an international customer and would still like to purchase, please email us with your address so that we can generate a unique shipping quote for you. 

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