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Part-Prepped Asteroceras

Asteroceras ammonite obtained from offshore in Lyme Bay. These nodules have been sat in shallow water and been bored by modern sea creatures. No large burrows have damaged the ammonite, but it has numerous pin diameter holes. These do not seriously detract from the aesthetics of the fossil but they could always be carefully filled with resin. The calcite fill is a nice yellow. This specimen has been consolidated on the back as it was close to the nodule surface, so it could not be prepared from the reverse.

Rock 190mm x 100mm

Ammonite 70mm

★ ★ Moderate. Relatively easy to clean. Harder rocks that might require and engraver or an air pen (air scribe). This is part-prepared and so wouldn't be impossible with an engraver. Asti's tend to prep well as their thick shell pops off.

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