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A mixed batch.  Two Echinocrys scutator sea urchins from the Cretaceous chalk of Kent, one a bit crushed.  The soft chalk matrix could be removed with hand tools if you are careful not to scratch the soft surface of the fossil.  Sea urchins can also have an interesting epifauna of creatures such as bryozoans. 

The other two fossils are a small Microderoceras ammonite (25mm diameter) and a Promicroceras ammonite just over 20mm diameter.  Both these ammonites only require a small amount of preparation and would be ideal for practice.  The Microderoceras has a crushed outer coil (very common) and the Promicroceras has been on the edge of the rock and not preserved well in one area.  Good fossils to practice on with starting tools.

Moderate Difficulty

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