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Top left:  Multiple block of small Caenisites.  Two specimens exposed along with the imprint where a third had laid.  Possibly more to be revealed.

Top middle:  Small Xipheroceras, red/brown calcite middle.

Top right:  Microderoceras preserved in the usual caramel coloured calcite.  The body chamber has been broken through, you will get the calcite-filled chambers.

Bottom left:  Multiple Promicroceras  washed among fossil wood.  Wish this was a bigger block, nice Promicroceras that look like they will prepare relatively easily.  On the back of the block the ammonites have mostly “popped” out of the block when it was split.  As the layer of ammonites is small you will get only one fairly complete ammonite, many others are partial on the block edges.

Lyme Regis, UK

Moderate Difficulty


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