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Top left:  Single Promicroceras ammonite, looks like it extends well into the rock, should be a good large specimen.

Top right:  Microderoceras, exposed and slightly damaged on one side.  Would prepare better from the other side.

Bottom left:  Multiple block of Promicroceras ammonites.  Two complete and two partial specimens on the outside of the block, will almost certainly contain more.

Bottom right:  Promicroceras ammonites washed among driftwood on the sea floor.  A fairly dense layer of ammonites, that consequently will probably be lying in a jumble at odd angles.  Several also appear to be hollow, care with preparing!  Also contains a larger Xipheroceras.  This has a chipped side, which reveals the crystalline interior.  Should be a beautiful piece. 

Lyme Regis, UK

Moderate Difficulty


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