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Top left: Promicroceras, looks like it will have a bite mark.  This is a missing section of the outer coil, normally at the back of the body chamber.  This is thought to be where a predator has broken the shell to cut through the back of the ammonites body to remove it from the shell.

Top centre: Promicroceras in Yellowstone

Top right: Small Microderoceras that has not yet developed ribbing and spines.

Bottom Left: Block with a nice Promicroceras and a very small Asteroceras.  Will probably contain some more Promicroceras.

Bottom Right: A Microderoceras just visible of the broken edge of the block.  The outer coil is a bit crushed (common with Xipheroceras and Microderoceras!), but the middle will be good calcite.

Lyme Regis, UK

Moderate Difficulty


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