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Left:  A block of Lyme Regis yellowstone containing several Promicroceras (possibly not enough to call a bed!).  One of the ammonites on the edge shows a geopetal structure.  Sediment has sunk to the bottom of the outer coil of the ammonite’s shell.  This leaves it a darker colour than the paler calcite above.  It also gives you the way up of the block when in the cliff.  As four ammonites are exposed on the block edge it should contain more.

Right: A good sized specimen of Microderoceras.  The outer coil is a bit crushed (fairly normal for Microderoceras), but looks to have a good quality caramel coloured calcite middle.  Should be a good one to clean as the rock above it is very thin, so you have no bulk matrix removal to do. The ammonite will fill the block

Moderate Difficulty


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