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Left: Small Asteroceras and Xipheroceras, the outer coil of the Xiph is crushed as is
part of the calcite filled inner coil. An interesting pair of ammonites.

Top middle: Multiple block of small Microderoceras. Many small specimens at all
angles. They seem confined to one end of the block, leaving enough matrix to cut
a base.

Bottom middle and right: A nice crystal Arnioceras of a decent size with at least
one Promicroceras beside it. Unfortunately the block has been broken through
the Arnioceras. This will need to be carefully glued back together and then
prepared. The break appears clean with no missing pieces. A similar sized
Arnioceras is crushed on the outside of the back of the block and another
Promicroceras on the front. This would reasonably seem to indicate more
specimens inside.

Moderate Difficulty


Please note that these are some of the bulkiest fossils in these batches. The postage to places like USA, Canada, Australia might be prohibitively expensive and so you might want to check by adding it to cart. It shouldn't make any difference to postage costs in the UK and the rest of Europe. 

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