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Four specimens. Top right, two Promicroceras from Lyme Regis. The top specimen is orange/brown around 15mm. Second specimen is below it and is white with a brown body chamber. The very end of the body chamber is missing and there is a slight chip from the keel.

Top right, white calcite Xipheroceras from Lyme Regis and smaller Proms. I would guess the Xiph to be around 25mm. Beside it is a Promicroceras approx. 20mm. Both ammonites are tilted, probably against a larger squashed Asteroceras visible on the back of the nodule (not preparable and damaged).

Also a couple of much smaller Proms. Bottom row left, nice Dactylioceras cf athleticum from Yorkshire coast (approx.75mm).

Bottom row right, slightly worn Promicroceras (15mm ish), beside fossil wood. From Lyme Regis

Moderate Difficulty. 

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